Lacy gets her Groom on!

(Pictured Above: Lacy Before)

If you were not able to sign up for Tidy Tuesday this past week, I strongly urge you to sign up soon. For those of you who have not heard, Karing by Kristina has partnered with Chios Pet Grooming for Tidy Tuesdays. Every Tuesday from 9-5 Chios will be parked in front of Barkley Square to provide grooming services!

My Maltese, Lacy was long over due for a haircut. She is a bit of a tomboy, so I like to keep her hair short. Lacy is also a bit of, well, lets just say a challenge. She tends to think that the groomers of the world are out to get her and she likes to defend herself. From the moment Nery, the professional groomer, came to get her she seemed more at ease than ever before. I was suprised as I handed her off that she didn’t even growl at him.

When Lacy returned I was amazed at how white her fur was. Her cut was perfect and she smells delicious! Check out the photos below and be sure to sign up for Tidy Tuesday ASAP. Now that the secret is out, spots will fill up fast.

Call 703-329-1043 to schedule your next appointment!

(Pictured Below: Lacy After)

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