Knitting and Lower Back Protection

This is for all you knitters with lower back discomfort. Years a go I spoke to a friend who was complaining about her lower back being achy after sitting and knitting for hours.  We first spoke about how she was sitting. Body positioning is everything when it comes to a healthy lower back. She was sitting on her comfy couch and she was slouched. Most of us do not pay attention to good posture and that does not mean only sitting up straight with your shoulders back and down.

To ease tension in your lower back your feet should be planted flat on the floor or slightly elevated on a stool. This depends on whether or not you sit back on your couch or chair and your feet do not reach the ground. If you are sitting back and your feet do not hit the ground then you need to prop your feet up for better support.

You back should be up against the back of your chair or couch. If there is still space between your back and the chair or couch place a pillow behind your lower back for extra support. Sit up tall because that makes it easier for breathing. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Some of us have the tendency to raise our shoulders up toward our ears. While you are knitting you also tend to round your shoulders and upper back. Set a timer and every 15-20 minutes you need to stretch. Sit up tall and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This will help stretch your chest muscle s and tighten your upper back muscles.

When we do not pay attention to good posture our shoulders tend to stay rounded and we end up with chest muscles that have weakened and upper back muscles that have over stretched.

After knotting for hours you tend to have lots of tight muscles in your body not just your lower back. Let Isobreathing help you out and stretch all of your tight muscles.

P.S.  I am also a knitter for about 30 years now.

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