Isometric Exercise and getting back to basics

After years of personal training I have found that I had to bring almost all of my clients back to basics. To me basics are proper body positioning, breathing, and learning which muscle groups you are trying to target without pulling in groups of muscles that you should not be working. I have found that isometric exercises are the best way to do this. An isometric exercise targets one group of muscles and only that group of muscle. When individuals are at the gym and lifting weights I have seen so much swaying of the body to lift that heavier weight just to say that they lifted it. I take clients back to working against their own body resistance first and then I introduce them to the isoband.

An isometric exercise involves getting the muscle into a contraction phase and holding it. The longer you hold the contraction the more intensely you work the muscle. If you have the addition of an isoband and or weight you have added even more intensity. I have found that anyone can perform an isometric exercise. This is a fantastic way to start your exercise program if you have never exercised before, have physical limitations, on chemotherapy, obese, older, or have tried various programs and have not obtained results that you were looking for.

The one thingĀ  that you need to be careful with is making sure that you are breathing through out the isometric exercise. Most individuals tend to hold their breath concentrating on what they are doing and they forget to breathe. With the IsoBreathing program you are either inhaling or exhaling and keeping count of how many breaths you are holding your isometric exercise for.

Isometric exercises are also great for those individual who are looking for change in their fitness programs.Variety is the key to keeping the body on the right track with your weight loss program. I have found that bodybuilders over time do seek out additional programs as they age.They are looking for something gentler on their joints . Isometric exercise is the way to go.

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