Isometric Exercise- getting back to basics

I have been working with clients for many years. When I obtain a new client I have found that I need to go back to basics.  It was 2003  when I designed the IsoBreathing program. To me basics are proper body positioning, breathing and learning what muscle groups you are working -with out pulling in other muscle groups that should not be working. The best way to learn all of that is with isometric exercises.

When specific muscle groups are targeted you are able to work them more efficiently versus going through the motion and pulling in muscle groups that should not be working..

When traveling I do go into various gyms and observe individuals going through the motion. One day I went up to this individual and asked what exercise she was performing. She told me it was a walking lunge. I asked permission if I could show her an alternative because she was killing her knees. She did then tell me that that was all she felt was the pain in her knees. She was told that lunges were great for the legs, so she kept doing them thinking that this was what she was supposed to feel. I instructed her to get into a proper lunge stance and then just hold it. She was amazed at the muscles she was targeting. She stated she never felt the right muscles only her knees.

For those of you who are ready to get back to basics I encourage you to listen to your bodies. If it doesn’t feel right or you are in pain just stop doing it. See if you can target specific muscles. If you are finding that you can not just ask almost any personal trainer or me. Why go through the motion if you are going to feel discomfort and not obtain results you are looking for.

Exercise is not meant to hurt but help you gain strength and lose weight.

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