IsoBreathing a household word

I was given a challenge by my husband the other night. My goal is to have IsoBreathing become a household word. In 2008 my goal was to help one million individuals with the IsoBreathing program. I did come up short but I still have a smile on my face because I have helped many individual change their lifestyles to become healthier. (not everyone needs to be a size 2) I was short in 2008 but I love a challenge so my goal for 2009 is to help ten million individuals change their lifestyles to become healthier, stronger and lead a more productive life.

I placed a snippet on because of this new challenge that I was given. I was told that it would take thousands and thousands if not millions of dollars to make IsoBreathing a household word.I am a small business owner and do not have that kind of funds. SO…..

The question now is why would you want to help me. My answer to that is I am not doing this to make money. If you check out my website at I actually do donate a good portion of my proceeds to a few charities. Cancer Crusaders which is based in New Orleans where 100% of its proceeds go to cancer research. (it is a volunteer organization that I was part of for many years)

I also donate funds to Fontainebleu High School in Mandeville Louisiana to their media program.  The reason being when Katrina hit New Orleans I was just celebrating 10 years in Mandeville. I am stubborn and would not allow my business to fold. My son Josh went to his media instructor and asked if he could take on a project. The instructor was delighted, I became a mentor for the program, and I was able to revamp my program and place it all on DVD’s. (I did hire a company for volume one and I am telling you that the kids did a better job with filming and editing)

With all the new sales I want to donate funds to feed America, and still contribute to the other two charities. This day with so many out of work and difficult times there is still no reason that individuals and children should go without food.

As you can see I am passionate about what I do and I love to teach and I do that through speaking engagements and writing articles. I write for The New Orleans Wedding Magazine, my newsletter and Northshore Counciling and Wellness. I am asking all of you to check out yourtube and to go on to the isobreathing website. If this program is not for you maybe it is for someone that you know.

The IsoBreathing program is different than any other program out there because this is geared specifically toward those individuals that do not workout on a regular basis. I have been called the kindergarten of exercise because I start with isometric exercises. Everyone needs to learn what muscles they want to work and make sure that it is the group of muscle being targeted and not a different muscle group. ( if you are working the bicep you do not want to feel it in your lower back) Body positioning is everything if you want to obtain results.

Others that benefit from this program are the obese, those with physicial limitaitons and the elderly. This program is performed mostly in a chair. As you go on to level 4 there is some standing and floor work. But look at all the other levels you need to go throught to get to level 4.

I truly believe that you need to stay in a comfort zone but still challenge yourself. This is not The Biggest Loser but The Biggest Winner. (I love to keep things upbeat and positive) Everyone wins even if you only use the breathing technique. You will help yourself reduce your stress.

I also like to think outside of the box and have developed stretching programs for those that knit and crochet and my newest e-book stretches for gardeners. I also have a program for those that sit behind a desk all day and a CD that is for stress reduction.

Besides having great testimonials on my website I also have a number of them on linkedin on my home page. under IsoBreathing Ellen Miller.

So I am now asking you if you would kindly contact all individuals that you know and send them to youtube or my website so that I can help those individuals that want to be helped with my fitness expertise.

I wish all of you a wonderful day. Remember dont just Breathe IsoBreathe.

Ellen Miller is a Fitness Practitioner/personal trainer and the originator of the IsoBreathing program. She has been teaching lifestyle changes for almost 30 years. Sign up for her newsletter at Her email address is and she does answer all emails herself.

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